“Fear the Unknown.”

Edward A. Holsclaw II

Author of Horror

Edward A. Holsclaw II is the author of Tiburon, Laid to Rest, Origin: Unknown, Twist of Fate, Wisdom from Above, End Days, Claw Marks, Malangus, Mothman Returns, Bigfoot, Origin Unknown: The Graphic Novel – Book One, Mimps, Broken, Unearth: Edward A. Holsclaw II’s Ultimate Horror Collection, The Legend of Old Man Crank, and many short stories and other literary works. He has won countless writing awards. He writes Horror, Thrillers, Graphic Novels and Poetry.


“Holsclaw tells great stories with plenty of death and horror to go around.” – Brian Keene, Horror Author

“His stories are simple storytelling and complex characters that have you enjoying every minute of reading. His books should be made in to movies.” -Leslie Easterbrook, actress, The Devil’s Rejects.

“His books scared me to death!” – Dick Warlock, Michael Myers – Halloween II, Hollywood stuntman and actor for many decades, Kurt Russell’s stunt double for 25 years.

“He aspires to entertain the reader, by taking them on an incredible journey through his twisted imagination.” – Fangoria Magazine

“Very impressed by Holsclaw’s scary creations.” – Rue Morgue Magazine

“Holsclaw is riveting from start to finish. Suspense-filled tales of horror and otherworldly conspiracy that rivals the best in horror writing. – Horrorhound Magazine

“Wow, wow, wow! Edward is horror at its finest. He immediately hooks the reader… As the story unfolds it totally captures the reader. Excitement builds upon excitement and it never lets up. His work is downright eerie. His works should be made into a movie. Terrific writing.” – Writer’s Digest Magazine 

“Holsclaw weaves a sinister web of horror and intrigue. He knows where our innermost fears reside, and like a stealthy predator, he lies in wait for just the right moment to leap from the shadows and plunge the reader into heart-pounding terror.” – Dark Realms Magazine

“Holsclaw takes his stories and give them a real human edge. You feel for the characters and want them to succeed in their quest. His stories rarely slow down and keep you always guessing.” – The Horror Writer 

“Edward has very interesting story ideas in his collection. The stories have great endings that surprise, stun and scare the reader.”- Blood Moon Rising Magazine.

“This author can creep me out anytime. Each story has a rare angle, puzzlement, and deep seeded phobia. The only connection between the tales is the swift pace with which each chill gets delivered. Holsclaw’s style of writing is exhilarating…plots intense. Presenting very realistic possibilities in a manner that frightens, Holsclaw will leave you with more than enough disturbing moments.” – Horror-Web

Edward A. Holsclaw II
Book Signings:

Mountaineer Comic-Con, Mylan Park, Morgantown WV September 24-26, 2021 Mountaineercomiccon.com

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